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The Darien Soccer Association is dedicated to providing our youth players with an enjoyable and educational athletic experience.  We provide players of all skill levels a structure built around sportsmanship, dedication and individual development.

 Please make our website your first stop for any questions you may have.


Fall Travel Teams

**Please read full communication as it may impact your Registration**

If you have any questions, we ask that you please take 24 hours before communicating with anyone.

Thanks to all of our players who tried out for Travel soccer.  We spent many hours over the last few weeks evaluating more than 500 players who attended our tryout sessions.  We have gone to great length to try and arrive at fair and good decisions in our evaluations.  There will inevitably be differences between some parents’ perception of their child′s ability and the perceptions of the coaches and evaluators.  The DSA fully understands that differences in perception can create disappointment and frustration on the part of the players and parents affected.  The DSA is committed to providing a quality soccer opportunity to all players, regardless of which team they are selected for.  Thus, disappointing decisions need not derail a committed, enthusiastic soccer player′s development.  Not only are there plenty of opportunities for a player to continue to play competitive soccer within the DSA, but there are plenty of examples of players who, once upon a time, were disappointed with the travel selection results coming back and becoming top players on travel and high school teams later in their careers.

If your child’s name is not listed below, he/she will be automatically transferred to the appropriate birth year-based House (aka Club Excel) teamYou do NOT need to register again.  Those teams will be assigned in August.  Note: For 2003-2007 House/Club Excel there is some traveling to other towns.  More info on the House/Club Excel program can be found on our website.  Your $140 travel supplement check that was submitted at tryouts will be destroyed.

If your child does not wish to participate in House/Club Excel, you will need to apply for a Refund/Withdrawal on the DSA website by Friday, July 8.  The link to the appropriate form for requesting a refund is here


Please note that, as per DSA refund policy, you would receive a refund of the base registration fee ($335) less a $20 processing fee.


2009 BOYS:


Bartolotta, L  

Baum, T

Brawley, P

Brown, G

Byczek, C

DeGulis, JF

Graziosa, T

Harris, S

Jackson, J

Li, N

Ust, E



Ayerza, T

Bishai, P

Bravo-Ferrer, M

Collins, W

Deery, T

Hennemuth, T

Jeffers, H

Kagels, M

Montesano, D

Panda, W

Schaller, J

Shepard, E



Ambrecht, O

Blake, P

Cavanna, G

Collins, G

Craig, O

Galvin, G

Kennedy, A

Madariaga, T

McFerran, L

Mohr, H

Seiden, S

Shakir, M


2009 GIRLS


Bepler, F

Brody, Z

Deery, R

Elias, C

Faucher, E

Gromelski, A

Haines, G

Harper, R

Mascis, C

Ryan, S

Shea, M



Ayerza, F

Bock, S

Brown, T

Bryer, E

Chandler, Q

Hanson, A

Harnisch, J

Heissan, M

LeLarge, M

Rizzzi, E

Smith, F

Vanovitch, P



Clark, L

Connor, L

Hardy, S

Harrison, E

Hayes, B

Hendrickson, C

Hord, R

Mirsky, M

Olsen, W

Sequra, G

Shanley, P

Shanley, P


2008 BOYS:


Baiera, R

Barnett, T

Beck, C

Bishai, A

Bryer, J

Donahue, A

Franzese, J

Kalvaitis, E

Murphy, G

Scallen, W

West, M



Bishai, P

Comey, M

Fahy, C

Girlamo, J

Hadlow, J

Kelly, J

Scaccia, M

Secor, S

Tomaszewsk, Ci

Warnock, C

Wilson, C



Calabro, P

Cavolo, J

Cavolo, T

Heerwagen, L

Hudson, J

Kalvaitis, N

McKeown, W

Mihopoulos, L

Nolan, J

Shaw, L

Stevens, C

Walsh, T


2008 GIRLS


Abbott, E

Austen, O

Duarte, A

Ewing, K

Fiorita, L

Matullo, A

Milones, L

Primmer, K

Qin, A

Whidden, M

White, J



Brown, A

Buchesky, A

Cannaliato, S

Coppola, S

Davenport, L

Ezbiansky, S

Hageney, T

Hole, E

Marty, K

Ochman, P

Procopion, A



Amen, B

Baldwin, C

Bickford, C

Bowers, S

Fosdick, M

Haire, I

Joyce, P

Lodge, G

McFerran, D

Slonieski, J

Stevenson-Shimek, H

White, A


2007 BOYS


Banks, G

Bilodeau, B

Danile, L

Gardner, S

Jacques, J

Kniffin, M

Lefkowitz, O


McBride, M

McCue, T

Miller, J

Pettit, D

Serrano, S

Smosky, E

Speranza, C

Walton, M



Bepler, R

Coyne, A

Dolan, C

Hesse, N

Jeffers, D

Krantz, P

Lash, D

McCormack, M

Meyer, J

Mullin, Q

Olsen, G

Scallon, W

Schneeberger, I

Stevens, T

Upson, S



2007 GIRLS


Alini, I

Beach, N

Cummiskey, C

Fox, K

Glenday, S

Hapgood, E

Jackson, H

Kennedy, Q

Krotee, C

Krotee, P

Lonergan, I

Mascis, J

Moore, B

Schlein, B

Von Kennel, A

Zhang, L



Austen, K

Bach, E

Branca, K

Brown, L

Callagy, E

Jeffers, E

Knightly, G

Maruszewski, C

Miller, C

Minnick, T

Mohr, A

Napoli, K

Ohoppe, P

Saiers, C

Sapper, O

Vanovitch, G


2006 BOYS


Anavy, E

Barbagallo, A

Barbagallo, L

Benoit, R

Benson, W

Boehly, C

Cannaliato, T

Davey, K

Michalowski, O

Moody, C

Nunez, S

Oconnor, B

Prince, L

Smith, A

Vega, L

Warnock, W



2006 GIRLS:  


Walsh, K

Smith, A

San Jose, L

Reynolds, K

Ochman, B

Novak, A

Liu, G

Haidinger, A

Haas, S

Enters, A

Decsi, J

Debano, L

Callahan, E

Buchesky, A

Blake, J

Bellissimo, M



Brown, K

Cardone, K

Carter, B

Edwards, K

Galvin, G

Gentile, L

Hayes, E

Kettell, S

Kosnik, G

McKee, A

McKeown, C

Palen, C

Pombar, M

Primmer, A

Procorpion, C

Stevens, A


2005 BOYS:


Baiera, K

Branca, T

Collins, J

Comey, O

Davis, M

Dolan, B

Hahn, M

Kennedy, J

Kennedy, M

Kroll, C

Krotee, L

Mancini, M

Peattie, J

Raz-Guzman, S

Seiden, C

Sparks, K

Tabaschek, A

Viirand, K



Adelman, R

Banks, A

Baurmeister, H

Brown, M

Caliendo, J

Dagostino, C

Edwards, M

Hallinan, C

Hardy, J

Hughes, Q

MacLehose, R

Moore, N

Nduati, J

Osborn, J

Platt, C

Popson, D

Rushe, L

Saba, G

Salmore, C

Sibilio, C


2005 GIRLS:


Bloomer, K

Brown, K

Correa, C

Curran, M

Debano, A

Eckert, E

Fitzpatrick, J

Grimm, N

Johnson, A

Kayhan, M

Kieran-Mendez, J

Krantz, C

Krasteva Gale, D

Lash, C

Luecke, E

Nickerson, C

Salas, D

Tarleton, B

Type, A

Vaught, J

Volz, C


2004/2003 BOYS:


Branca, W

Caruso, C

Cavanna, H

Collins, W

Coppe, B

Eckert, E

Gallagher, E

Galvin, J

Hayes, C

Knight, M

Lehan, W

Maschoff, L

McCann, C

McDermott, J

Riccio, H

Richards, B

Sheehan, C

Stafford, J

Tortorella, W

VanHees, W



Anavy, L

Echeverria, J

Edwards, T

Hansen, A

Lin, A

Macdonald, A

Major, W

Marcula, A

Morrissey, D

Murphy, P

Panourgias, T

Popson, A

Raker, C

Segaline, E

Serrano, R

Smith, E

Strub, TR

Vasquez, J

Walsh, J

Wang, D

Warnock, T

Zengo, P


2004/2003 Girls


Allen, S

Barlow, S

Demark, K

Dolce, K

Dolce, S

Donovan, C

Ewing, C

Harman, H

Jennings, L

Johnson, J

Lockyer, S

Lyons, A

Mirsky, S

Moody, C

Perez, G

Petti, S

Ramsay, M

Speranza, I

Stein, C

Stevens, S



Ahl, N

Anderson, A

Argiriou, G

Bang, H

Caruso, V

Cavanna, C

Childs, L

Clark, C

Crouch, T

Dasilva, C

Dineen, C

Gasvoda, G

Kahn, K

Kane, K

Quirk, C

Schneeberger, E

Stoumpas, G

Wakim, E

Whitticom, E

Wiliams, M





by posted 06/20/2017
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