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Fall 2016 Tentative Practice Schedule


2011 Boys Fri

2011 Girls Fri

2010 Boys Wed

2010 Girls Thurs

20009 Boys Mon

2009 Girls Tues



All Boys CE Mon and Wed

All Girls CE Tues and Thurs



Travel Girls

2008 A and B team Tues/Thurs

2008 C team Mon and Wed

2007 Tues and Thurs

2006 Tues and Thurs

2005 Tues and Thurs

2004 Tues and Thurs

2003/2002 Tues and Thurs


Travel Boys

2008 A,B and C Mon and Wed

2007 Mon and Wed

2006 Mon and Wed

2005 Tues and Thurs 

2004 Mon and Wed

2002/2003 Tues and Thurs