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FIELD SPACE IS LIMITED.  Players will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.  Once our limit is reached we will not accept any more registrations.

The Darien Soccer House program focuses on individual player development and the enjoyment of the game of soccer – not necessarily winning games. We believe it is important for our players, parents and coaches to embrace this philosophy.  Our small-sided, continuous play model that maximizes touches on the ball has been widely copied throughout the country.  Our goal is to make it a positive first experience with soccer and organized sports.


Practice- teams practice for an hour once a week after school.  (See Game/Practice Times for practice days).   Professional coaches instruct our players during the week.

Games- scheduled on Saturdays.  Parents coach our teams.  Please see our Parent Coaches guide. 

Rules and tips

1)     5 v 5 (includes Goalies)

2)     Corners

3)     No Penalty kicks

4)   Throw-ins and Hand Balls- If needed, Referees will instruct players on throw-ins and blow whistle on hand balls.  This may vary depending on the age level or the point in the season that the match is played.  Referees will try to strike a balance between taking advantage of a teachable moment, and not unduly interrupting the flow of the game.

6)     Size 4 ball

7)     Recommended formations: 1-2-1 (1 defender, 2 midfielders, 1 striker); 2-2 (2 defenders, 2 strikers) + goalie.

Goals- Have fun.  Players should be able to dribble with inside and outside of feet, kick and pass properly, be able to shield the ball from defenders and know several “moves”.  Players should be able to use space, look up when dribbling and passing.  The Mercy rule – Please be aware of lopsided games at this age group especially.