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HOUSE Parent Coaching Guide


Please read thoroughly


Thank you for coaching! This guide will hopefully answer some questions you may have as a coach this season.  Some of you are new to coaching and some have had multiple years coaching with HOUSE players.  Either way there are some helpful tips to make this season run well.  


Firstly, please be aware that your players will all be of different abilities and will develop at different speeds.  Our primary goal is for the kids to have fun, learn and want to play more soccer.  HOUSE is developmental.  


HOUSE Coaching responsibilities

1)Communicatewith your team.  Coaches will receive regular updates from the AGE GROUP commissioners.  Commissioners will give information on a timely basis that should get you started and keep you on track during the season.  

2)Please emphasize to your teams to be at the games ON TIME.  This means 5-10 minutes early for HOUSE.  This will give you time to warm up and work on a weekly Drill/Instruction (more on this below).

3)Please emphasize Preparation with parents.  This means having shin guards, water and proper size ball (inflated).  I would also emphasize double knots on their laces!

4)Subbing- All players should be given equal time.  Generally 2 or 3 substitutions per half with different rotations depending on how many subs you have.  

5)Respect for the Referee.  REMEMBER most of the refs are kids too.  Just because they have a yellow shirt on doesn’t mean you can yell at them or treat them any differently than if they were your neighbors’ child.  There is no tolerance for those that make a referee feel uncomfortable.  Please shake hands with referee.

6)Mercy rule.  Generally there is no keeping score but if you see there is an unbalanced game PLEASE split up your better players on different shifts.  Also play 3 passes before you can score the next goal (it is amazing how much they can learn by NOT always going to the goal).  Some common sense goes a long way.  We don’t want players discouraged.

7)SELECTS SOCCERprofessionals are at Saturday games to set up fields, post games on whiteboard, get games started on time and generally be present if needed. Please welcome them and ask soccer questions if you have them.  They are NOT there to police every game.  Any significant problems or questions can be escalated to a DSA commissioner or board member. 

8)Code of Conduct.  Please hand out Code of Conduct at first game and have players bring back the following week. We are not collecting these but want parents and players to read, sign and bring back to coaches.


Weekly Instruction

SELECT SOCCER will be posting weekly curriculum overviews on the team pages.  Please refer to these and try to reinforce skills at the games on Saturdays.   



Organized Mayhem! This is what you should expect for Kindergarten soccer.  The first few games especially.  Don’t be overly concerned with structure, skills and proper soccer in the beginning. 6yr olds have a short attention span. Rules will come to them over time. Players are very individual oriented. It is all about getting kids to have fun.  You will likely see a huge change in just one season.  

U-6 players will be diverse group with regard to interest, skills, motivation and athleticism.  

Rules and tips:

1)4 v 4 with no goalies

2)No Corners

3)No hand balls

4)No Penalty kicks

5)Throw-ins…referee will allow repeat throw-ins with some instruction

6)Size 3 ball (some kids already use size 4 which is fine)

7)Recommended formations: Positional placement is unnecessary at Kindergarten.  In the Spring you can introduce 1-2-1 (1 defender, 2 midfielders, 1 striker); 2-2 (2 defenders, 2 strikers).  Don’t worry too much about formations at this age.


Goals-  Have fun, proper passing technique, proper kicking for power technique, 2 or 3 moves.  Keep goal kicks out of the middle!


Players will begin to surprise you with skills and athleticism.  Players are still learning skills and rules.  

Rules and Tips:

1)4 v 4 with no goalies


3)Handballs are called

4)No Penalty kicks

5)Throw-ins…referee will allow repeat throw-ins with some instruction in the beginning of season.  

6)Size 3 or 4 ball

7)Recommended formations: 1-2-1 (1 defender, 2 midfielders, 1 striker); 2-2 (2 defenders, 2 strikers).  


Goals- Have fun.  All players should be comfortable with the proper techniques of passing and kicking.  Strength will come later.  By the end of the season players should be communicating on the field more.  Players should be dribbling with head up looking for passing and shooting opportunities.  Teams should be able to put several passes together.  There should be less throw-in mistakes.  



Players will be more competitive.  The players are now keeping score whether we like it or not.  The game will be more physical.  Remember it is still developmental.

Rules and Tips:

1)5 v 5 (includes goalie)


3)Handballs are called

4)No Penalty kicks

5)Throw-ins…hopefully players will know correct technique

6)Size 4 ball

7)Recommended formations: 1-2-1 (1 defender, 2 midfielders, 1 striker); 2-2 (2 defenders, 2 strikers) + goalie.

Goals- Have fun.  Players should be able to dribble with inside and outside of feet, kick and pass properly, be able to shield the ball from defenders and know several “moves”.  Players should be able to use space, look up when dribbling and passing. The Mercy rule – Please be aware of lopsided games at this age group especially.