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Darien Soccer Association Refund Policy


You must fill out this form if you are registered and wish to withdraw from any of our soccer programs


Refund Policy

1)      PRIOR TO TEAMS BEING POSTED on our website www.dariensoccer.org
         a)   a full refund (less a $20 administration fee) will be issued if you choose to withdraw.
         b)  If a player is not assigned to a team, a full refund (less admin fee) will be issued.


2)      ONCE TEAMS HAVE BEEN POSTED on our website www.dariensoccer.org
 a) no refunds will be issued.  b) if you did not make travel and do not wish to play Club Excel refund requests must come before 7/6


*Late fees are not refundable.


Please understand that if a player decides to withdraw after a player is placed on a team it can create a domino effect that many times negatively impacts other players and overall team selections.   It also takes many hours and care to put teams together. 


Scholarships: Darien Soccer Association (DSA) seeks to make soccer available and affordable to all who qualify to play on a skills basis but are financially unable to participate.

The DSA Board maintains a limited scholarship pool that is made available to those who qualify based on financial need.   Scholarships provide 50% of the registration fee to applicable members.  All request will remain confidential.   The DSA Board reserves the right to request financial information to determine scholarship eligibility.  Click here to apply.